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Not Blowing Cold Air?

Not Blowing Cold Air?

Reasons Your System Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Having a great AC unit is one of the best investments a homeowner can get here in Lake Havasu City. We all know in AZ, it gets hot. If your AC unit is not working properly, it will cost you more money. Below are some tips and reasons why your AC unit may not be blowing cold air.

Dirty Filters

It is important to check your filters often and replace them when necessary. The air filter in your system is designed to restrict the air flow. A totally blocked air filter from dust, and other debris and this will leave your nice cool air flow blocked from cooling your home. Not to mention the other problems this can create for your system. The rule is to check your filters at least once a month.

Thermostat and Cooling Switch Issues

The thermostat is not working. It is important to upgrade your thermostat to a more advanced system. These have better calibration and can alert you if there are any issues.

Having a professional technician to come and properly diagnose any thermostat malfunctions tends to be an easy solution when air conditioners begin blowing less cold air.

Keep Those Condensing Coils Clean!

There is a lot of dust in the area, and this can affect your condensing coils. The condenser coils is where the heat from your home is eliminated through a fan forcing the heat off of the coils as the refrigerant attracts the heat, transfers it through copper tubing to the condenser, and as it weaves its way through that coil, the fan rushes across the surface to dissipate the heat. Keeping these clean will enhance your system and make sure it is being used to 100% capacity.